• Toshiba SD-V55HT DVD/VCR Home Theater System

    Toshiba SD-V55HT DVD/VCR Home Theater System

    Price:   $129.00

    • Model: SD-V55HT
    • Shipping Weight: 2kg

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    Product Description
    The SD-V55HT from Toshiba is a powerful home theater in a box, featuring a combined high-end DVD/VCR/receiver component and six speakers ready to plug in and play. Enjoy movies in multichannel surround sound, record your favorite shows, play CDs, and listen to the radio with the SD-V55HT. All you need is a TV to complete your home theater setup.

    The SD-V55HT's main component is a complete audio/video receiver, a progressive-scan DVD player, a high-fidelity stereo VCR, and an AM/FM tuner with a total output of 400 watts. Each of the five individual speakers cranks out 60 watts per channel and the subwoofer features 100 watts of power.

    The DVD player in the SD-V55HT utilizes Toshiba's ColorStream Pro progressive-scan video technology to yield vivid colors, clean resolution, and reduced onscreen distortion. Digital cinema progressive scanning, or 3:2 pulldown, reproduces your DVDs in theaterlike clarity.

    The versatile digital picture zoom option lets you can take full advantage of that picture clarity through the ability to magnify a portion of the picture onscreen while in freeze-frame mode or even while watching a DVD in real time. The feature is great for spotting details in movies or even adjusting letterboxed movies to fill your screen. The SD-V55HT also features a wide array of DVD features, including multiple angle selection, a fast-scan option that allows you to fly through DVDs at up to 20 times the regular speed, and three slow motion speeds.

    In addition to playing a full range of DVDs, the SD-V55HT plays CDs and MP3 audio files, so you can enjoy your favorite music. You can also view digital JPEG photos from CDs created in your computer with the SD-V55HT.

    The VCR provides a wealth of features as well, including high-fidelity stereo sound playback and four-head recording. You can play regular VHS tapes as well as high-resolution S-VHS cassettes as well. You won't have to miss a favorite TV show on movie night, because the SD-V55HT lets you record television programs on the VCR while watching a DVD. You can also copy non-copy-protected DVDs onto VHS tapes.

    The VCR in the SD-V55HT is very user-friendly. Its clock automatically sets itself to the local time, and it also logs all available channels into memory the first time you hook it up.

    Make the most of your music and movies with clear, clean sound. The SD-V55HT features pure digital reproduction and includes Dolby Digital, Dolby ProLogic II, and DTS decoders to supply the SD-V55HT's six speakers with a rich, realistic surround-sound experience.

    The SD-5915 features rear-panel composite audio and video inputs, as well as a S-video connection. The front-panel A/V composite input makes it easy for you to hook up a video game, camcorder, or other components.

    What's in the Box
    Home theater component, five speakers, one subwoofer, remote control, owner's manual. 

    Product Description
    The SD-V55HT combines the picture and sound advantages of a progressive scan DVD player, convenient recording and playback options of a videocassette recorder and a full-featured home theater audio package including multichannel A/V receiver and matching speaker compliment. ColorStream Pro Component Video Outputs are compatible with today's finest analog and digital televisions for delivery of stunningly colorful images. Acoustically matched speaker package includes five satellites and separate subwoofer. DVD-R/CD-R/CD-RW compatible playback ensures discs made with personal computers can be played back in the home theater system, too. JPEG Viewer enables a user to display digital photographs on a television set in the JPEG digital format.

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