Apple iPhone 15 Pro 1TB

[iPhone 15 Pro]

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Date Added: 04/15/2024 by Michael solecki.
Succesful transaction with a some problems. I'am very satisfied with iPhone 15 pro 1TB smartphone that I bought using ripesale. However, I don't like the transaction took too long. I bought my smartphone 03/28/2024 and I received it 04/10/2024. So almost one month later. Moreover, most of that time, tracking record for that transaction was inaccessibled for me, so that was a bit stressful situation. In addition I have to say that Ripesale's customer service was at a good level....
Date Added: 09/25/2023 by Sam Kim petra.
Any chance of this getting English version ? most likely a phone I would want - from Canada Reply: this phone is global version, you can set up english by yourself....