Apple iPhone 13 Pro 5G 256GB

[iPhone 13 Pro]

$379.00  $319.00-16%

Date Added: 06/21/2022 by yair chitrit.
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Date Added: 06/11/2022 by droma han.
I ordered a iphone 13 pro and cover to Germany. The start was a bit delayed due to the fact that blue color for the case was not in stock anymore. Once I suggested other color to customer service the package was dispatched. I assume customer service, Once shipped, in 7 days (including weekends) the package was in my care. Good condition and the product is as expected! I got the iphone 13 pro for afordable price. Check the specs and you will see.Would buy again due to product quality and customer service ....
Date Added: 05/28/2022 by joe hoper.
Will this phone work with AT&T also will it work out of the box to get calls and notifications. The last time I bought a phone from you guys Xiaomi 12 Ultra for Chinese version, I had to spend a lot of time getting it working. Sometimes my text was delayed also. Reply: Yes, it can work on AT&T, maybe you can,t set the global version for the xiaomi phone in time. but I haven't heard any problems on this phone. it is xiaomi flagship phone....