Apple iPhone 12 Pro 512GB unlocked

[Apple iPhone 12 Pro]

$379.00  $175.00-54%

Date Added: 09/02/2021 by Josue Lopez.
Hello grind I ordered an iPhone and isent u guys the Transferwise receipt my order number is 20183119 iwant to know when I’m receiving my tracking number cause in the order staus the order says pending thank you Reply by order status updated,also tracking sent to your email already,thank you......
Date Added: 09/02/2021 by bee lavanda.
I would like to know how long the product takes to arrive in Brazil, I would also like to know how the guarantee works, and if it has an invoice. As for customs duties, am I going to be responsible? I would like to know as much as possible, as I intend to buy wholesale with you....